Things to See and Do

Kalamitsi Beach in Kardamili
Katafygi in Agios Dimitrios

Whether it is your first visit or your 20th visit, there really is something for everyone here; from total relaxation to thrilling mountain or sea adventures to experiencing gastronomical homemade delights. Kardamyli exudes unspoilt charm. It's raw beauty holds a particularly special attraction for the creative world including writers, artists and musicians. You can actually visit the famous writer Patrick Leigh Fermor's house for a guided tour during your stay and experience the memories of his history right here in Kardamyli.

Swimming at the spectacular Foneas Beach

Relaxing Activities

At Liakoto we specialise in the R&R factor—a place where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the spectacular sea and mountain views. The area is perfect for less strenuous holiday activities such as painting, photography, and bird-watching or sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling at the beach. Every room has a balcony or terrace with postcard views; an idyllic setting to get stuck into your favourite book and if you join us poolside, our staff here will be sure to keep your refreshments topped up.

Visiting the enchanting citadel of old Kardamili


Simply exploring the old town in Kardamyli (Kardamili) and its fort museum is an astounding experience that will take you back in time to Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian ages. If you walk a little further, you will pass what are believed to be the ancient tombs of the Dioskouri, Castor and Pollux (the Gemini twins). This walk leads to the village of Agia Sofia, one of many beautiful quaint mountain villages with serene views of the village and sea below. In the newer, yet equally charming, stone-built town lie a number of organic shops, a local bakery, a robust mix of traditional restaurants and a hiking/cycling shop—all within a leisurely five-minute walk from Liakoto Hotel.

Hiking in the Taygetos

Active Experiences

Kardamyli (Kardamili) is a true hub for eco-tourism and an excellent starting point for many adventures, including long treks in the verdant valleys. The area offers a myriad of activities such as walking, hiking, scuba-diving, mountain climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking and cycling in a nature-filled region that alternates between medieval towers, olive groves, medicinal herbs and a welcoming people.

Al fresco dining and delicious local cuisine

Gastronomic Delights

Spoilt for local homemade dishes, you will never find yourselves hungry or shy of places to dine. Each restaurant and bar boast their own unique specialities including the traditional well known Greek dishes of course. You will discover that some Tavernas will warmly approach your table with a completely different menu every day based on divine local produce. Cocktails are made with herbs from the mountains, bread is baked fresh from the local bakery and fresh fish is caught every day.

Discovering the Mani

Day Trips and Car Hire

Want to explore further afield? We use a friendly, local, hire car service in eye of those searching for relaxing for adventurous day trips. Not far from Kardamyli (Kardamili), along enjoyable scenic routes, are remote villages that will astound you with their authenticity; from Exohori just 20 minutes uphill, to Areopolis about an hour's drive down the road. Just along the coast from Areopolis, the breathtaking water-filled Diros Caves represent another not-to-be-missed attraction, and yet further down the coast lie the haunting remains of the settlement of Vathia, which is well worth exploring. Here are some examples of the many sights and places to visit in the region: Mystras, Olympia, Messini and Monemvassia.